Tuesday, June 24, 2008

N****r Hater

A few months ago I wrote a short piece about Don Imus in reaction to his comments about the female basketball players at Rutgers University. I was appalled by Imus' remarks, however, my reaction piece advocated instead for proactive change in our communities. I begged for Imus not to be crucified; he was only repeating words he had picked up from mainstream pop-culture. Words he probably did not understand. Bad joke huh? I knew not to nail him because individuals like Imus don't change. Their occasional outbursts and rhetoric are just a reflection of their person.

Hence, Imus' recent comments about Adam "Pacman" Jones aren't too far off from his last racial tirade. Subtle but charged. He asked what color Jones was when speaking about the man's run-ins with the law. Now, that seems to me like playground language. Pre-schoolers who don't understand the concept of race are likely to ask; "what color are you." Maybe. That sort of language is not becoming from a grown adult who knows and understands how sensitive issues surrounding race and its perception are in America.

Nonetheless, Imus claims that he asked what color Jones was in defense of him. He was trying to make the point that Jones was being victimized because he is African-American. If that was the case, he could have easily said; "Here we go, Pacman is only being victimized because he is African-American" or "because he is black," or "because he is colored." He had all three frames of references to use. He didn't have to ask what color he was and of course he didn't have to play defense attorney. Since when did he become the defender of the black race?
Once a racist, always one. Imus doesn't need to be fired or reprimanded. He has already done what's needful. Hire a good PR specialist because he will always go off at the mouth.

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