Friday, July 18, 2008

Willkommen Project Runway!

Season Five of Project Runway began on Wednesday with somewhat of a bang. I have been anticipating the start of the season and the line-up seems decent. The contestants seem to have talent but as far as personality goes, Season 5 seems defecient with a capital D. The previous seasons have run the gamut from mildly crazy to the far end of the spectrum that doesn't even register on the crazy scale. There have been some tame ones though.

I miss Rami, gap-toothed Ricky (boy he was so short and reminded me of one of the characters from MAD-TV), Sweet P, Jillian and definitely Christian. Christian is one the best the show has had so far. Someone from the current season might out do him though, however, no one compares yet when it comes to making one of a kind couture pieces. Who can forget Michael Knight (I ran into him at the Kanye West concert) and Miss "Hot Weater" Uli.

The first challenge this week was to create a dress from items in a grocery store. There was a great deal of creativity. Whoever thought of making a dress from paper cups or vacuum cleaner bags? My favorite to win though is Korto. She's good plus she's African. This season promises to "bring it" and I will be glued to my television screen until a winner is selected.

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