Friday, April 24, 2009

Is The First Family Over Exposed?

Is it just the excitement of the first hundred days in office or is this a foray into a never ending celebrity frenzy? I like to think I had more excitement and energy on January 20th than a school bus filled with middle school cheerleaders. I jumped, I sang, and I cried as I watched the first family. First as the President took the oath of office and as he and Michelle Obama danced the night away at several inaugural balls. In the days following I was all too excited to see the first family on the television and say with a warmth in my insides..."that's my President, that's my President."

Now all of a sudden, he is everywhere I turn. From the cover of tabloids to magazines and journals worth their salt, I see his face. Michelle too hasn't been left behind. Each time I glimpse at fashion blogs or magazines she is there! At one point her face graced the front covers of "Vogue," "O," and "Essence." The first couple seemed to have taken the nation by storm. This was a blitzkrieg of some sort. And of course let's not forget the darling children and now the rambunctious little Bo.

Like most other Americans, I appreciate seeing our elected officials and knowing that they are at work in their posts. Nonetheless, it seems like everywhere I turn these days the President is there. I remember sometime a few weeks ago he was doing so many press conferences, appearing on talk shows, giving so many interview, dabbling in so much, and trying to take on the whole world all at once, just like Superman. Now, while it was reassuring to know that he was not vacationing at Camp David or running off to Hawaii to further tan his already sun-kissed skin, I began to get a little wary of him.

"Just go away will you, so I can miss you some." I almost cried. It seemed as though the more I saw of him, the less interested I appeared to be in hearing what he had to say. I wasn't advocating that he be gone so long that his sighting when it did occur would be like that of the sun god, but the President didn't know when to stop. Michelle was no better either, reveling in the warmth of the spotlight too. And not only wer they seen, but they were heard through a loud gramophone.

The danger in all this is that the more he (especially) speaks which is a given at these many events, the greater the opportunities are for those foot in the mouth incidences. Further, when the public sees too much of the President and of course hears his voice, they become inundated and somewhat irritated [at least I was getting so]. There's a law about demand and supply and a theory about scarce goods and the stock market. So as the first one hundred days in office approaches, and the President clouds his calendar with pizza parties, galas and balls, maybe he'll find time for a one on one with Paul Krugman. That's hoping he'll finally get the pronunciation of Krugman's name right. Hey, Mr. President, incase Occidental and Columbia forgot, it's time for Economics 101: Fewer Presidential Sighting.

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