Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Without Sanctuary

Today's shooting at the Holocaust Museum in the nation's capital is evidence that America's biggest war is within her territory. Unfortunately, the United States has neglected an imminent threat and has instead gone in pursuit of outlaws in other strange lands. On January 20, 2009, many Americans lauded what was deemed the dawn of a new era. Barack Obama despite his African heritage became the President of the United States. Barack's election to the Presidency might have given some a false sense that reconciliation between the races had occurred. But closer examination proves the contrary.

The United States is not over its history of racism nor of segregation. Whilst we laud the progression to a more stable union, we have to address the pockets of miscreants who are determined to continue to view this nation through a lens that upholds oppression and fosters dissent. The United States afterall is primarily a melting pot, bringing together diverse people groups from all corners of the earth. That the English were chief at staking their claim to the land is no reason to assume that this nation belongs to their descendants. The United States belongs to the Lithuanians who worked the meat packing districts in Chicago as much as it belongs to the Cubans in Miami. The Haitians in New York and the Armenians in California own a chunk of this nation that is comparable to that of the early Anglo-Saxons who settled this land.

The issue in America today is not so much individuals who hold the same ideologies as the shooter, James W. von Brunn, a self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi, but that the history of this nations is not accurate. When I read books about "fore-fathers" or the so-called "founding fathers," there is that unstated claim, that this nation truly was bare until the Europeans "discovered" it for themselves. There is little mention of the Native Americans in the proper context; as the owners of the land. When they do get mentioned, they are portrayed as apparitions, figments of the imagination of some. It's as though they never were. Their current residence in reservations strokes this fantasy all the more. Afterall, who has ever met a real Native American? I will be the first to announce that the only native American I know lives in a Disney movie. If it is not the source of major consternation that the people group who once inhabited this great country have almost been wiped out then I do not know what is!

So what indeeed ails America is not Liberalism, like von Brunn claims. Niether is the saturation of the diplomacy, businesses, and resources by Jews the problem as he states. The problem is that the individuals who wrote the Constitution of this country did not include for posterity the fact that the Americas were inhabited before they arrived. The crafted document that reads "We the people...," forgot to accurately mention "these" people. In a land once inhabited by several self-governing tribes, the Constitution proclaimed the inaalienable rights of some but failed to explain that the annihilation of millions was the high road to "We the People." So, von Brunn is not what plagues America. For every von Brunn killed or incarcerated, there are millions more who believe New York is the present day location of the Garden of Eden. These are the terrorists within our borders that the government needs to address. White supremacists, neo-nazis, religious radicals of all faiths who will stop at nothing until they shed the blood of innocents. What this country needs to address then is its Constitution and other historical documents that still play the tune that gives ownership of this land to blue eyed and blond haired Europeans.

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