Friday, February 7, 2014

5 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

1. Refinery29
Refinery 29 is your one stop location for tips on fashion, beauty, travel, entertainment, shopping and hot spots in some major cities. Their instagram account is one of my favorites because of the high quality photographs that are always so colorful and nicely styled. I've been following their account for months now and doubt that I've seen a picture that hasn't made me take a second look. 

The brain child of a few wanderlusts, travel noire invites followers to submit pictures of locations they've been to and tries to encourage people of color to ditch the high priced items in their wardrobes and pay for experiences instead. 

The coveteur is your go to source for nice glossies of high fashion. Visual stimulation at its very best. 

4. Yale
Although Yale University did not accept me into its law school, I still love their instagram account that captures the beautiful architecture of the campus. 

I ran into Ms. Howey in a coffee shop in Mansfield and noticed she was doing the most beautiful lettering I had seen in a while. I stopped by her table, we had a converstion and now she fills my instagram feed with amazing messages of hope, grace, and love. 

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