Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gasp! I'm Craving a Taco from Chipotle!

I never really cared for Mexican food until I moved to Texas. However, being surrounded by great Tex-Mex and slowly on my way to becoming a Dallasite, I decided I would give Mexican food a shot. Soon after my decision, I developed a serious love affair with just one item at every Mexican restaurant. Initially, it just wasn't any kind of taco, but fish tacos, and I went to a lot of places in the Dallas metroplex in search of them. Soon enough, I wanted more than just fish tacos and began to try other kinds of tacos. Plain veggie tacos, chicken tacos, steak tacos, everything really besides the pulled pork taco (remember I do not eat pork, save bacon).

I've eaten tacos at basically most places you can name in Dallas because I would do just that, drive around in search of tacos. The one place I never tried tacos from though was Chipotle. I am very anti-fad (see, I have to remind you of that because it makes me cool) and that probably explains why I snubbed Chipotle. In law school, the trick to having a successful event was to give out free lunch from Chipotle. Well, that trick got so many but not me. If you wanted me at your event, offer free food from Fadi's (the popular Mediterranean spot) and I would show up a half hour early. Whenever I would go to those Chipotle traps at school, it was burritos and not tacos that were served. Those things were a monstrosity and I could never quite figure out how to eat them. I guess like with elephants the trick was one bite at a time, but those were indeed big bites.

Last week, after running a bunch of errands, my sister decided she would treat me to some Chipotle. She got the burrito bowl and I got the chicken tacos. I was only able to scarf down two of the flour filled canoes of pico de gallo, guacamole, black beans, sour cream, cilantro rice, and chicken dreams before I had to dash out to a mixer. It's slightly past lunch time and here I am craving a taco from Chipotle of all places. I feel like I might have slightly betrayed my power to rise above the masses because here I am like most common folk craving a taco from Chipotle. To console myself from the shame of falling to that herd mentality, I told my sister that my craving had nothing to do with Chipotle per se, but just that I really wanted to eat a taco. So it's Harriet 1, Chipotle 0. And I am still anti-fads. #winning.


  1. Now I'm craving a taco! A Digg's chicken taco to be exact, with plantain chips on the side! (completely agree about chipotle though.. meh!)

    1. Ah, I miss those. Nothing beats their plantain chips.