Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Life on House of Cards

I spent the 4th of July holiday weekend binge watching "House of Cards," on Netflix. I have so many interesting impressions about the show, let's just say it's my kind of show in every way imaginable. I am typically not a huge television person (you can lock me in a room with a television for a whole week and I just won't turn it on), that's why being able to watch twenty-six episodes of a show is somewhat of a miracle for me. Character development on television shows is something I find totally interesting and I want to find the time to write an article on the Frank Underwood's character, but in the mean time, I compiled a list of some interesting facts that link my life to the series.

1. Like the character Frank Underwood who name Frank is a derivative of the name Francis, my dad's first name is Francis. 
2. The character Claire Underwood was raised in Highland Park an uppity suburb of Dallas with insane old money, same uppity suburb where I went to law school. 
3. When my family was house hunting several years ago, one of the homes we saw and almost purchased was the home of Kevin Spacey's mother. 
4. At one time in my life I actually fancied women like Claire Underwood with so much raw ambition, not sure I do anymore. Power at all costs just doesn't seem worth it. 
5. The set designer for the series totally nails it. I am obssessed with interior design and the interior of the Underwood's home is golden and totally my style. 
6. Claire Underwood's wardrobe is total perfection even though all the clothes don't always suit her body. 
7. I have always had the biggest crush on Sean Penn, who still remains my favorite actor. He used to be married to Robin Wright who plays the character of Claire Underwood.
8. I know a real life person who reminds me of Frank Underwood, no names will be mentioned. 
9. I once worked as a legislative aide to a senator at the State Capitol in a certain state and I can't deny that walking through the Capitol or seating in legislative sessions or attending caucus meetings with power movers can give anyone an inflated sense of self. 
10. I wrote the entire series, I just wasn't given any credit. Not. 

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