Friday, August 15, 2008


I thought it would make me blog daily but yet it didn't. My PC semi gave up the ghost late last year. I am not a computer addict, but I have a tendency to hug my laptop and can be on the PC surfing the internet for hours on end. When my PC died, I suffered. I had withdrawal symptoms. I sat down and tapped my fingers on an imaginary keyboard. I right clicked my way through half the day. I opened up several tabs; CNN on one, Slate on the other, and of course my gossip site on another. I read the news, pausing to take everything in the back of my mind.

I wanted to blog so badly, but I didn't want to be confined to sitting in a lone chair for hours staring at a desk top. I wanted to blog sitting up in bed. I wanted to blog when I got inspired while cooking or watching AC360. I wanted to blog on my own terms on my own computer. Then, it was tax-free weekend in Georgia. I stood in line the first day for a consultation. I came back the next day, to make my first contribution to the Steve Jobs Family Foundation. I bought a Mac.

I thought my MAC would make me blog daily, but it didn't. It's amazing how that three letter word represents some of the most beloved things. Make Up Art Cosmetics, Macintosh...I love my MAC. I got some nice new toys along with it. They cunningly call giving me those presents a rebate. I accepted. I couldn't say no to a color printer whose ink is more than it's worth or an ITouch. I am more than happy to have these new toys. It's been over half a month since I got my MAC and still I haven't blogged.

I might sound philosophical, but there's never a right time to blog. There's never a right time to do anything because the right time just never comes, so just do it! I'm reminded of the analogy of humans to lobsters waiting for some wind of fate to spur them into action. I waited so long for this was my excuse for not blogging and when it finally came, it was my excuse for not blogging still. What's your excuse?

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