Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Fall of Kwame Kilpatrick

There will always be the fallen heroes. Individuals who fall long and hard on their way to the top or those who reach the top and fall. Eliot Spitzer, Trent Lott, Bill Clinton, Kwame Kilpatrick...I'm actually watching the sentencing of former Detroit mayor, Kwame Malik Kilpatrick. In view of the offenses which include two felony counts, the sentencing should be more severe. However, the plea deal he entered only require that he relinquish all his rights, serve a four month sentence after which he will begin a probation lasting five years and will also have to pay $1 million in restitution.

I'm not sure what the Mayor was going for. Some false air of bravado or if he was just in good spirits. Instead of appearing sober, the Mayor was smug and laughed a couple of times during the proceedings. He even laughed as his sentence was read. He appeared defiant and unrepentant. African-American with more swagger than the entire Lakers team. So, there goes another one. Young and promising public servant has an affair with his Chief of Staff and lies about the affair despite evidence to the contrary. Kwame's gone just like Spitzer left New York so what's next for the city he's leaving behind.

Detroit is America's city that never was. With Kilpatrick's demise the future of the city should be reconsidered. Without doubt, a good Mayor can do so much for any city. Come by Atlanta and see what Shirley Franklin has done for our city. She's revitalized the economy and taken on the sewage problem in the city. Talk about good governance. So while Kilpatrick goes away to serve his sentence let's not forget the important task at hand. What should be done about the city called Detroit?

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