Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stomping in St. Paul

If ever I needed reaffirmation for why I am not a Republican I got that yesterday. Watching the convention, I couldn't help but wonder what was going through the minds of all the people at the Xcel Energy Center. Everything seemed annoying and hypocritical. The Convention seemed more like a Billy Graham Crusade, the exception being loud music than it did a political rally. I'm a huge follower of Pastor Graham but I believe the Republicans are up to something, staging their Convention like a huge revival.

Beginning with First Lady Laura Bush's introduction of her husband down to Joseph Lieberman there was something that just didn't feel right about the Convention. First Laura Bush gave a lack luster introduction. She couldn't be original but had to borrow Obama's slogan about "change we can believe in." This trend was again repeated by Fred Thompson when he hailed Senator John McCain as having "character we can believe in." The sitting President did not deliver his last speech as President to the RNC in person but rather chose to deliver his speech via satellite. He started off by thanking his parents who responded by welling up and beaming pridefully at their son. There would be much to be proud of- he's been President for two terms. But let's face the facts he has done nothing significant for this nation, nothing that will long be remembered.

Every step in Bush's Presidency has been marked by significant failures of all sorts.From his failure to respond effectively in the wake of Katrina, to the War in Iraq, mortgage crisis and the crumbling economy, Bush has done nothing to make a parent proud. It shouldn't come as a surprise though that his Presidency will not be fondly recalled. A Presidency cloaked as this in failure would be cause for sleepless night but not for George Bush. Speaking about his legacy at a press conference the President nonchalantly replied that historians wouldn't care much about him. After all he noted they are not done analyzing George Washington so who would care about 43. He doesn't care what the American people think of him now or in the future. What a sad, sad life. When it's all said and done, he'll be on a ranch in Texas. Keeping his failures in mind, in his address he failed to mention the economy. Further, he did not mention the achievements of his administration. Instead he harped on about McCain heroism in Vietnam, his service to country and his integrity as a man. If you don't care about your legacy, why should anyone about McCain's.

When the President was done speaking, Mrs. Bush came back to the podium to remind us what a fine man her Georgy was. Next was Fred Thompson who gave the speech he should have given earlier in the year to secure the nomination of the Republican Party. The biggest shocker all evening however, was Senator Joseph Lieberman. Can you spell sell out? Seeing Senator Lieberman was totally tragic. He sadly is the last person either party needs. Lieberman made the argument that he was there in honor of country because he believes McCain should be president and not Senator Obama. What a shame! Lieberman at the RNC was just as much a train wreck as Strom Thurmond would have been at the DNC. His lame excuse was that Obama's eloquence was no substitute for McCain's record. How about Sarah Palin? She's never been in Washington and has spent the bulk of her life in a state that boasts more fish and snowballs than people.

Describing the Convention with words like "surreal" and "breathtaking," last night at the RNC was the closest some Republicans have come to an out of body experience. Sadly, I was not moved by the Convention. Not by the evangelical performers (whom I would have enjoyed from a different venue), nor the speeches, nor by the patriotic signs. Judging by what is going on in the White House now I can't see why anyone would even want one more day of another Republican once Bush makes his exit.

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