Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Charity Tuesday {Rwandan Orphans Assistance Response (ROAR)}

Rwandan Orphans Assistance Response Incorporated (ROAR Inc.) is a non profit organisation based in Sydney Australia, whose mission is to improve educational outcomes of Rwandan orphans and disadvantaged children. We strongly believe that education is the key to the success of Rwanda’s future, the children of Rwanda. Our aim is to raise funds to assist disadvantaged children and orphans in rural areas of Rwanda in the area of education and health.
We work closely with primary schools in Rwanda to identify those children in need. We are committed to raising funds to help pay school related expenses such as uniforms, shoes and school supplies, on behalf of the orphans and disadvantaged children in Rwanda. To date we have assisted more than 1000 orphans and disadvantaged children at Linganwe School. This year we are extending our projects to include providing access to clean water to the children of Linganwe School, by building a well in the school, that the entire village can share (The information about ROAR was taken from the "About Us" section of the ROAR webpage).

Disclaimer: The Harriet Project does not endorse the charities that are featured on Charity Tuesday. Before making a donation or getting involved in any capacity, please research the charities featured to make sure they are actually involved in the work they claim to be doing. 

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