Friday, January 17, 2014

On Being Inspired

Pink peonies, beautiful shoes, breathtaking paintings, larger than life bookstores, old cinema, postage stamps, beautiful weddings, warm scented candles, photography, beautiful stationery, great interiors, hardware stores, the idea of travel, letterpress, investment and entrepreneurship, glossy magazine pages, nature, and love stories crafted by God. These are a few of the things that inspire me. In a nutshell, thinking about these things are enough to change the course of most of my days. I have always been a dreamer, had an eye for detail and a lover of pretty things. At times, it can seem as though I am pretty spread out because I love so many varied things. For example, I love interior decorating and find nothing to be more pleasing than interiors with rich and vibrant colors and one of a kind pieces of furniture. At the same time, I can spend hours walking around Home Depot just admiring the tools and walking through the lumber aisle marveling at the intricacies of wood grain.

It is important to find sometime that evokes passion. Passion that leads to inspiration. Sometimes, those things that inspire us inspire us for inspiration sake. Oftentimes, they can be markers that point us in the direction of a a career, or maybe they awaken a talent deep within that we never knew existed, often they are guardrails that prevent us from falling off into the deep end and importantly, they sometimes hold the key to our destinies. I believe this is why it is important to carefully heed those things that tug at our hearts and examine to see if they are fleeting murmurs or deep callings that can lead to something big. I am not advocating for taking the fun out of life by examining every indulgence under a microscope to see if a love for paint could lead to owning the world's greatest paint shop, but I am suggesting being a bit more deliberate with actions and examining the activities we spend our time on. If a person spends hours in a bookstore or copious amounts of time in a makeup store, I think they might be on to something and are not just inspired by books or makeup for inspiration sake. Truth is a thousand people might be inspired by birds and flight but then the Wright Brothers did not just want to be inspired for inspiration sake and Martha Stewart did not just want to cook for house guests for the rest of her life. So, it is Friday, what inspires you and what inspirations are for more than inspiration sake?

Photo credit- I took this picture a few years ago at the Restoration Hardware Store on Knox Street in Dallas, Texas.

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