Friday, January 16, 2009

Sundance '09

The 2009 Sundance Festival kicked off yesterday in Park City, Utah. Committed to showcasing and supporting independent film, this year's lineup delivers an array of films that will appeal to most moviegoers. Movies premiering at the Festival this weekend include "Thriller in Manilla," a movie about the last fight between Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali, that sealed the rivalry between the two. Other movies premiering at the Festival include the feature film "Taking Chance" starring Kevin Bacon who really does need this and other roles since falling victim to Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. "Humpday," "Big River Man," "The Glass House," and "Lulu and Jimi" will be showcased today. Besides the movies listed, there are other really interesting documentaries, short films, and features making their great debut at the Festival which ends on January 25th. For more information and to join in the Sundance Experience, please visit Sundance Festival 2009.

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