Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Outing Meghan McCain

From her appearance on "The View" to her most recent on the Larry King Show last night, the oldest McCain daughter and recent Columbia Universtiy graduate didn't spend too much time picking out an outfit reflective of a change in the season. She's turned down nice pastels and colorful frocks in favor of black. Black hair bands, black blouses with mathching black pants and jacket. Maybe Meghan is still mourning her father's failure to win the Presidency or maybe she's smart enough to know that black is every fashionable woman's first defense in the battle of the bulge. Black makes you look slim. It streamlines those love handles and although black done right can have a strong appeal it also has that blah factor that steals from any further interest in the subject.

A few days ago Meghan made headlines for asking conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham to kiss her fat Arizona ass after Ingraham made an acerbic joke about Meghan's weight. Since then she has gone on a tirade letting the world know she is comfortable with her weight. So comfortable that she still continues to wear black even though it's spring. I wish I had her kind of confidence...Oh the places I would go. But Meghan didn't just spend the past week battling Ingraham and others on a weight witch hunt. She's also followed in mine and her Dad's footsteps by joining Twitter and currently has a record 11,000 people following her every mindless thoughts on the social network. But that's not all, Meghan McCain has a lot more on her mind.

For starters she is quite patriotic and unlike the elephant in the fat man suit, she doesn't want the President to fail. She wants the President to succeed so badly that she's willing to admit that she loves gay people, doesn't care what people do with their bodies, and importantly she told Larry King that she's a progressive Republican. That sounds like a synonym for Democrat doesn't it? I'm still waiting for Meghan to come out. Give or take, she'll make that decision soon and I'll be heading to Hallmark to buy her a card. They now have one to celebrate that. She'll be the the director of the Obama campaign in Arizona or maybe she'll choose New York.

Her Dad already seems to be warming up to that one and it won't be long before Meghan does the same. It's sexy to be a Democrat now. Meghan would know. She's quite the self proclaimed pop culture nut, so it doesn't come as a surprise that inspite of her Ivy League education and world class exposure she still manages to channel what comes off as a chimera of Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton. Ditsy yet confident in ways only known to one who's John McCain's offspring. She is quite an interesting girl that Meghan McCain. Every time I hear her speak it's like watching an episode of The Hills and I sometimes fall asleep waking up to the fear that the teeth, yes Audrina's are biting my toes, and I don't know why. To follow the young maverick visit her blog, McCainBlogette. It'll explain things a whole lot better.

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