Friday, February 6, 2009

Etta James is NOT Dead

This week has seen some diva drama between Etta James and Beyonce Knowles. Miss James is miffed that Beyonce got to sing her classic "At Last" at the Inaugural Ball for President Barack Obama and his wife's first dance. Over the weekend she supposedly joked that she wanted to "whoop Beyonce's ass" and called out President Obama for having "big ears." She went on to say that for what he did "he ain't her President." Now if all of that isn't funny I don't know what is.

On the night of the Inaugural Ball, I was tempted to do a post with the above title. I was equally miffed that Etta was alive and the Obama team had Beyonce singing her song. That was really, totally wrong. That's what is called a big-time "diss." Imagine what Aretha Franklin would have done if they had Fantasia singing "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" at the Ball. Trust me, there would have been more than threats of "ass-whoopings." We would have had saucer shaped hats flying in all directions. There's nothing as volatile as a woman scorned.

How dare they let Beyonce sing her song, while the woman was on her couch back at home? No wonder she's pissed. I bet she'll rather have two Bushes over Obama, but that may not help because Bush is just as pitiful as Obama in the "ear" department. So Dear Inaugural team, we need some damage control. Etta James is mad as a hatter. Even though she recanted what she said and argues it was all a joke in good faith, trust me, the sister is angry and just might give Bey a good beat down should the opportunity arise. And finally when that day comes, she'll have good reason to belt out..."At last she got a good ass whooping, now she won't be singing my song no more..." So Mrs. Jay-Z, next time, sing one of your originals like "Upgrade You," or "Bootylicious." Leave the classics to the real pros like Etta-you-know-who.

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