Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Adventures in Twitterland

I just joined about 6 million or so other users on Twitter on Tuesday. Friends of mine have been on twitter for a long time but I really did not care about the social network until I saw Meghan McCain on a morning television show. The younger McCain was talking about how her dad who is a self proclaimed computer illiterate is now on the social network. He has been twittering about everything from his football team to "porkiest projects on the Congress spending bill." Not to be outdone by Senator John McCain I made a mad dash to my computer and signed up on the social network.

Ranked after social networks Facebook and MySpace, Twitter is an online networking site that allows users to update their profile in 140 words or less. Their updates are made available to either a few people in their circle or to a an open feed based on the selected preferences of the user. So far, I have left my preferences open and I currently have about 7 people who receive my twitter feeds. There are many joys of using Twitter, one been that users can update their profiles using a host of devices including a BlackBerry. Since joining, I've only updated my profile once.

Joining Twitter is somewhat out of character, for I have always repudiated the idea of people who go on Facebook to update every single detail of their existence. There was this particular girl I know on Facebook but have never met in person (she left Facebook a short while ago). I felt like I knew her because she updated her profile several times a day. From waking up, to mundane tasks as using the bathroom and getting meals she put every detail on Facebook. She missed the memo on discretion in ones personal life. At one point I felt she needed to be cautioned because she could be abducted or even worse seriously hurt by a stalker who was privy to her indiscretions. So why am I twittering now? I will not be outdone by a man who was born in 1936 and needs time to remember how many homes he owns.


  1. So why are you really joining Twitter? Are you in a competition with Mr. Cain, are you merely finding a convenient means to update your friends and followers on the mundane tasks of life, or are you really hoping that this type of communication will give us that further insight into your daily routine? In a way, I think that social networks give encourage us to think that people are so curious to know who we are and what we are about, without really them asking. Secretly, we all want to know, we just don't care to ask...

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  3. There's that desire to know the mundane details of the lives of others. We just don't know how to ask. Sometimes baring it all can be the first step to getting others to do the same. Who knows?