Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Rafa Rules!

In a match that lasted four hours and twenty three minutes Rafael Nadal defeated Roger Federer to win his 6th major title. Although today's match pales in comparison to the almost six hour match between the two rivals last year at the All England Club, Rafael Nadal showed Roger Federer who's boss. Nadal has more wins that Federer overall, and his win this morning at the Rod Laver Arena doesn't seem so surprising. This time though there was no roof top scramble in a bid to reach his Mom. After returning the volley in the last set, Rafa fell to the floor even before he was sure he had won the point.

Nadal has displayed tremendous sportsmanship, and even when the tables are turned against him he still gives the fans their money's worth. Federer on the other hand needs to work on his sportsmanship. He hates to lose and he makes it so clear. At Wimbledon last year, he already brought his "winners" oufit. I bet he must have pictured what he'd look like on the front page of every daily in his nice white v-necked ensemble. Federer is a more mature player though, managing to rein his emotions and maintain some consistency. Nadal is more fun to watch though sans his stringy hair.

If the game was interesting, the award ceremony was a certified tear-jerker. Federer cried uncontrollably and was unable to give his speech. He was helped with tissue and soothing words but still couldn't help the Colorado River from flowing from his tear glands. Winning today's match would have tied Federer with Pete Sampras at fourteen wins at major championships. Federer's sadness is quite understandable. He will be headed to Roland Garros next for the French Open where potentially he might face Rafa on the clay. Rafa has a record with several wins over Federer on the clay courts. So with three more grand slams to go this year, the Rafa has more chances to show Federer who's king of the court.

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