Friday, July 3, 2015

33 Life Lessons

1. Always wear perfume.
2. I’ve learned not to call people out as much. First, life is way too short, secondly I honestly just don’t have the time and lastly, I’ve come to realize that when people act out of line, it has more to do with them and perhaps their present circumstances in life than it has to do with me.
3. Life can be very harsh and unforgiving.
4. Life can also be so beautiful.
5. Don’t let anyone tell you we live in a post racial world because we surely do not.
6. I have learned not to operate from a position of scarcity or to have a scarcity mentality. There’s lots of room for everyone and God is in fact very generous.
7. Paying for experiences adds a lot more value to life than paying for things. With experiences, you are left with so many stories to tell and importantly, your life is enriched and enlarged. How many stories can you truly tell about your conversation starter bracelet?
8. Listen.
9. Don’t wallow in regret. In the words of C.S. Lewis, “there are far better things ahead than any we may leave behind.”
10. If you have a chance to have children, do have a few or a truckload if you can. I haven’t found a more potent mood enhancer.
11. Your parents truly do want what is best for you and will always have your back.
12. There’s nothing quite like family and siblings truly do make the best friends.
13. The good thing about friends is that we get to choose the friends we keep. Good friends are hard to find and should be treasured.
14. Water your own garden and truly tend to your soul.
15. I have learned that we do not get to choose our personalities. In just one week, I was told by two separate people that I have a commanding presence. I’ve heard this for most of my life and I’m learning that it can be a snare or a great tool if handled wisely.
16. I’ve learned that many of the questions I have may never be answered and sometimes, it’s best to not overly seek answers but trust that the secret things truly do belong to God.
17. I’ve learned that in the midst of all the ups and downs in my life, there has always been something to celebrate and something to learn.
18. Challenging oneself is important. I never knew I could run a half marathon until I did. And I’ll never know I can climb Mount Everest until I try.
19. There’s so much life to live.
20. This lesson came at the end of my thirty-second year, but it was the most poignant. I’m not defined by my failures or past experiences. God makes all things new and beautiful. The same Peter who denied Christ thrice was the same Peter upon whom Christ declared he would build His church.
21. I still love ice cream.
22. Giving is so important.
23. Whoever said reading is fundamental never lied.
24. Travel. There’s so much world to see. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to travel and you don’t have to board a plane to do so. Even in your state or your present locale there’s a new and exciting place perhaps just an hour or two away. Make it a point to go somewhere new once a year.
25. I have learned that I am not perfect and never will be. I also am too introspective for my own damn good. But if there’s one thing, I want to be a better person each day and I work very, very, very hard at it. It might not be obvious to most people around me, but I really do. However, I’m grateful that the work of inner change is a work of God’s grace and does not lie in my human power.
26. I love to write. I just simply do and wish I devoted more time to it because it truly gives me immense joy.
27. The world is such a beautiful place. Each time I pick up a copy of Architectural Digest or even Fast Company and marvel at all the amazing things people like me are doing I realize that there’s so much out there. It’s a beautiful world out there, Harriet. Men built the skyscrapers in New York, the Golden Gate Bridge was wrought by men and the palaces in France were all built by men just like me. Thus, the persistent question I ask is what I’ll build and be known for.
28. I have learned that I still do not have the patience to watch television.
29. From watching the marriages of a number of young people, most of them friends, fail, I have learned that marriage is more about being the right person than finding the right person.
30. You’ll never be bored if you follow the right people on Instagram. Just ask me.
31. Tim Keller is that theologian.
32. I’ve learned to take big leaps of faith.
33. God is still good and I doubt that this will change.